Bread is one of the most popular food to everyone and every house. With the available of this product in the market every day, it seems to be very easy to you to prepare a good breakfast with bread for any meals in a day. However, you cannot to ensure the quality as well as the food safety of the food source; therefore, it may post a threat to you and your family health. That’s why to set a limit on risks that you may suffer from by dint of the unsafe foods, it is a good idea for you to equip your house with a single bread machine, which can help you to reduce the pressure of food safety and make the cooking become easier and more convenient. In this paper, we would like to share you some notes that you should take into consideration when making use of a bread maker.


Before using the product please follow the instructions below:

  1. When start using the machine, it is better for you to read the using instruction in advance to have a general review about the device and understand its operation.
  2. Before purchasing the product, you need to measure the specification of your house`s electric power first and then choose a product matching with the voltage of the power supply
  3. If the machine is broken or has any technical problems, please do not fix it by yourself without any experience; it is better for you to bring it to the repairing store to get the technical support or instruction.
  4. When the machine is operating, do not touch its surface because it can cause burn. You just take use of the buttons to control the device.
  5. It is essential to keep the wire and the plug of the machine away from water or some other liquid because these factors can be the culprit of electric shocks and unexpected accidents.
  6. When stop using the machine, let turn of the machine, unplug and the clean it
  7. When storing the machine, it is suggested that you should avoid some places containing thermal and flammable items. While the machine is operating, let keep it away from hot surfaces.
  8. It is recommended that you have to use the equipment and the accessories accompanying with the machine in a right way and go in accordance with the instruction of the manufacturer to ensure the safety.
  9. Keep the machine out of the children`s reach. The children aged fewer than 15 are not permitted to use the machine.
  10. The machine should be kept away from microwave, gas stove and electric stove to ensure the safety when using.
  11. When taking the bread out, you need to be careful to avoid being burned.
  12. While the machine is operating, do not touch any rotating parts or move the machine to other places.
  13. Be sure that the tray is put in right place when the machine is operating.
  14. Do not cause the strong force to the surface of the machine to avoid the damage.
  15. Do not put metal or other prohibited items into the device to avoid explosion and fire.
  16. When start using the machine, let plug the wire first and then plug into the power source. To disconnect the machine, you need to turn the button off and then unplug the machine.
  17. Take use of the machine with the permitted purposes
  18. The machine should be used indoors
  19. The machine is used for household or similar objectives

– Dining area, office workers drinks, shops or other work environments.

– In the farm

– At the hotel, motel.

– Breakfast bar.

  1. If having any problems when operating the device, let ask the expert for advice.

With the instruction before, we hope that you can take use of the bread machine effectively and safely at home. Currently, the prices of the bread makers in the market range from cheap levels to expensive ones so you can totally choose the one that is most suitable for your financial condition. Let invest in one amazing bread maker to serve delicious meal for your family.