Craftsman-21833-Contractor-Table-Saw Every type of saw blade has its own purpose.The number of teeth,the hook angle,the gullet size and the tooth configuration determines what purpose the blade is intended for.

Number of teeth
The number of teeth present in a given blade determines it’s purpose ,the more number of teeth a blade has,the smoother and cleaner the cut will be,and blades with lesser number of teeth are designed for removing material faster.
A cross-cut blade is used for producing smooth cuts,and makes more individual cuts than a ripping blade.

The space in front of each tooth is called a gullet. The purpose of this space is for the chip removal during the cutting process.
A rip-blade has a much deeper gullet than compared to a cross-cut blade.

Tooth Configuration
The angle at which the saw blade tooth is positioned ,the shape of the teeth and the way through which the teeth is grouped all affects the cutting detail.

Blades are classified into four types:-
1) Flat top grinder (FTG)
The blades in the FTG are square shaped at the top which is termed as a “raker”,the blades are angled across the edge leaning to the adjacent blades.The tooth are shaped in such a way that it slices the wood in a proper manner .It is durable and fast,and functions more like a chisel. It gets the job done but doesn’t leave a smooth clean finish.They are used for almost all purposes.

2)Alternate Top Bevel (ATB)
In this type of blade ,the teeth is present in an alternative manner between a right and left bevel.This blade is ideal when it comes to cross cutting veneered plywood and natural woods.

3)Combination tooth51fBsAanwgL._SY300_
Blades with combination tooth are designed for both crosscutting as well as ripping.The blades consist of 4 alternate top bevels and 1 flat top grinder with a significantly large gullet in between the groups.Combination blades have gullets that are designed for both cross-cutting and ripping.

4)High Alternate Top Bevel (HI-ATB)
This type of blade is used for extra fine crosscutting and materials surfaced with melamine which are prone to chipping.
The notably high angle of the bevel increases the cutting action of the blade.

5)Triple Chip Grind (TCG)
In the triple chip grind blade,the teeth alternates between a “raking”tooth and a “trapeze” tooth .They are widely used for cutting hard wood and hard materials such as plastics,laminated counter tops and medium density fibreboard (MDF).